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High-Performance Suspension

Great high-performance shocks or struts are essential in Farmington, but when you are ready to take your car or truck suspension to the next level you need the experience of the auto repair mechanics at Darrell's Firestone to get the job done right.

Leaf Springs: Trust the auto repair mechanics at Darrell's Firestone to install this simple assembly that is the backbone of high-performance truck suspension. Absorb the shock of rough terrain when you are pushing your truck to its limit. These long, curved strips of steel are stacked in order of length and joined by a bolt at the center. Removing old rear axle springs can be a tough job and getting your new leaf springs bolted on tight is critical. The experienced professionals at Darrell's Firestone are up for the task. Drop by the shop at 23534 Farmington Road or give us a call at 248-477-9090 to set up an appointment to get your new leaf springs installed fast.

Coil Springs: Coil springs look exactly like a simple coil. Placed on the top of an axle your coil springs store and release the energy when your car or truck is in motion. The coil spring absorbs the shock of Farmington potholes, speed bumps and other turbulent factors on track or rough terrain. Ensuring old springs are removed and new coils are aligned and fastened correctly is essential for maximum safety and handling. Trust the experienced auto repair specialists at Darrell's Firestone at 23534 Farmington Road for fast, affordable coil spring installation.

Lowering Kits For A Mean Sport Stance

Drivers in Farmington come to Darrell's Firestone to achieve that low-stance, high-performance sports car appearance and improve handling. At Darrell's Firestone we replace stock springs with lowering springs that offer more coils in a condensed stack. Trust the expert mechanics at Darrell's Firestone to create the correct amount of tension between the frame and the suspension system. Call Darrell's Firestone at 248-477-9090 and schedule an appointment to install your lowering kit and shorten the distance between your car's body and the wheels to lessen the center of gravity and increase responsive handling.

Lift Kits

Got massive monster tires? Truck owners in Farmington come to Darrell's Firestone to install high-performance lift kits that will increase clearance and provide that aggressive monster truck stance. Securely installing strut mounts, longer springs, new shocks, and a range of hardware to raise up your truck is a tough job. Precisely calibrating the ground clearance larger wheels need is important for optimal safety and performance. Trust the auto repair experts at Darrell's Firestone to transform the look and function of your truck. Take on rugged terrain or just look cool when cruising by giving your truck a little lift. Call 248-477-9090 or stop by our auto repair shop at 23534 Farmington Road to set up an appointment.

Sway Bars: At Darrell's Firestone we install sway bars to help driving enthusiasts in Farmington grip corners more easily and reduce the demand placed on the springs and suspension system. Prevent body roll when driving aggressively in curves with cold-formed steel alloy sway bars installed with exacting precision to offer bilateral spring deflection. The expert mechanics at Darrell's Firestone in Farmington can help you decrease the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve by adding sway bars today. Get convenient, affordable fast auto repairs and sway bar installation for high-performance cars at Darrell's Firestone every day. Call Darrell's Firestone at 248-477-9090 or stop by our auto repair shop in Farmington today.

Frame Rails: Ready to race? Offset chassis are not permitted on many tracks and require drivers to install parallel frame rails. Chassis frame rails are built to strict guidelines to provide maximum stabilization in a left-hand turn. Let our expert mechanics at Darrell's Firestone be your race team and make minute changes to the geometry of your suspension with frame rails to provide you with a total lower weight in the turns.

Tie Rods

At Darrell's Firestone we know driving enthusiasts in Farmington demand more of their high-performance cars and trucks. When you turn a corner on Farmington streets your front wheels pivot on steering knuckles connected to the steering rack. Your wheels are connected by the tie rod to the drag link bar to provide safety and handling in a turn. High-performance tie bars boast micro-adjustment options to make height and length adjustments between the tie rod and the wheel. The tie rod end that connects to the steering knuckle is susceptible to wear and failure with aggressive driving. Failure can throw off the car's alignment in a tight curve when the chassis of a car is under the most stress. High performance tie bar ends offer precision manufactured ball bearings to reduce wear and critical failures.

Wheelie Bars

These simple anti-roll devices look like casters connected to the rear bumper by long bars of flexible Chromoly tubing. Let Darrell's Firestone be a part of your race team and install wheelie bars when you are ready to race. Wheelie bars take over in a skid and progressively unload the energy of the tire to keep a car right side up. Ready to add this important safety option to your car? Call Darrell's Firestone at 248-477-9090 and let's talk wheelie bars.

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